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Coastal Processes

You have been asked to study the possible effects that human activities may have on the Elkhorn Slough. Your resources include four buoys that you can attach a variety of sensors to in order to collect in situ data. There are already buoys monitoring Monterey Bay that you can access to use in your data collection.

Where will you put your buoys and why?

  • Identify possible sources of point- and non-point-source pollution in this watershed. Check out the EPA Enviromapper for pollution sources in the area.
  • Examine a map of the watershed in order to get a bigger picture of the area that influences the slough.
Elkhorn Slough Watershed
Protected Lands map
Elkhorn Slough
NERR map
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
kayaking map
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
recreational map
Elkhorn Slough
Hiking Trails map
CSU Monterey Bay
Elkhorn Slough
seafloor map

Determine in which locations you would like to put your buoys.

  • MBARI scientists are currently monitoring the Elkhorn Slough using the LOBO network. Click here to see where they chose to place their buoys.

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Last updated: Jul. 18, 2013