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Schedule for the MBARI/C-MORE/C-DEBI EARTH Workshop

July 14-19, 2013

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Sunday—July 14, 2013 | Back to top

  Travel Day  
1400 Participants arrive and check in to the University of Hawaii Conference Housing (dorms). Most of the group will be staying in Frear Hall, 2569 Dole Street, Honolulu.

Here is a map that shows some of the main locations where we will be on campus as well as some useful nearby locations like drug stores, supermarkets, swimming, hiking
1730 Dinner at the Kanewai Lo'i: down Dole street from Frear Hall, address approximately 2805 Dole St, Honolulu  
1800 Introductions to EARTH and each other
Presentation by Hawaii Studies Group on campus
  Pre-workshop survey—  

Monday—July 15, 2013 | Back to top

0700 Breakfast—at Hale Aloha Cafe  
0800 Overview of goals and objectives of workshop
Moore Conference Center in C-MORE Hale
George Matsumoto
0830–0930 CANON: Controlled, Agile, and Novel Observing Network:
John Ryan
0930–1000 Exploration of CANON datasets all
1000–1030 Break  
1030–1115 Sequences, Sequences Everywhere! Darcy McRose
Princeton University
1115–1145 Blast— all
1200–1300 Lunch—at Hale Aloha Cafe  
1237 Lahaina Noon—  
1330–1400 Overview of C-MORE Jim Foley
1400–1500 Mean, Trends, and Variability: Hawaii Ocean Time-series Shimi Rii
UH Manoa
1500–1515 Break  
1515–1600 Exploration of HOT data

Related Lessons Plans:
1600–1630 C-MORE Hale tour (break into smaller groups) students/postdocs
1630–1800 EARTH Rubric Presentations all
1800 Evaluation—  
1830 Dinner in 211 Hemenway Hall (Bangkok Chef)  
1900–2000 Introduction to the Polynesian Voyaging Society— Jenna Ishii

Tuesday—July 16, 2013 | Back to top

0700 Breakfast—at Hale Aloha Cafe  
0815 Morning overview—Moore Conference Center in C-MORE Hale George Matsumoto
0815–0915 Subtropical ocean ecosystem structure changes forced by North Pacific climate variations Robert Bidigare
Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology
0915–1000 Discussion all
1000–1015 Break  
1015–1045 C-DEBI overview Stephanie Schroeder,
Ann Close
1045–1145 Some other Hawaiian microbes: coral reef sands and the youngest Hawaiian volcano Angelos Hannides
UH Manoa
1145–1230 Data exploration all
1230–1330 Lunch—at Hale Aloha Cafe (Note: Hale Aloha closes at 1300)  
1330–1430 Figuring out what microbes are where, and possibly why, based on DNA sequence daa. What is the “deep biosphere?” John Kirkpatrick
The University of Rhode Island
1430–1515 Data exploration all
1515–1530 Evaluation—  
1600–1700 EARTH Rubric presentations all
1700–2200 Dinner at Waikiki Aquarium picnic on lawn

Wednesday—July 17, 2013 | Back to top

0700–0745 Breakfast—at Hale Aloha Cafe  
0745 Meet and arrange carpools—parking lot between Frear Hall and Hale Aloha Cafe  
0800 Drive to He’eia Boat harbor  
0900–1000 Honu Kai trip out to Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology at Coconut Island: YSI, CTD, Plankton, ROV  
1030–1130 Lab session 1: One group will observe plankton and inspect data collected on transit, the other group will conduct a coral survey  
1130–1215 Lunch  
1215–1315 Lab session 2: Groups switch and one group will observe plankton and inspect data collected on transit, the other group will conduct a coral survey ;-)  
1315–1330 Clean up from labs  
1330–1430 Tour of HIMB and talk by Kim Holland  
1430–1500 Transit back on Honu Kai  
1500–1615 Data sharing, choose topics and groups for lesson planning all
1615–1700 Transit to Lanai Lookout  
1700–1815 Activity with Polynesian Voyaging society  
1815–1830 Evaluation— all
1830–2000 Dinner at Kona Brew Pub  
2000 Possible: Polynesian Voyaging society continues  

Thursday—July 18, 2013 | Back to top

0700 Breakfast—at Hale Aloha Cafe  
0900–0930 Morning debrief/overview—Marine Science Building Room 315 George Matsumoto
0930–1200 Lesson plan development
(Lesson Plan template—MS Word)
1200–1300 Lunch—at Hale Aloha Cafe  
1300–1645 Continued lesson plan development All
1700–1930 Working dinner—Courtyard in front of the Marine Science Building  

Friday—July 19, 2013 | Back to top

0800 Breakfast—at Hale Aloha Cafe
900–1130 Presentations— (15 minutes each)
Group Topic/Workshop Materials
Beth Marass
Beverly Owens
Digging up the Dirt on Microbes
Katie Lodes
Robyn Ehrlich
Mark Friedman
Microbes are a BLAST
Caitlyn Ullock
Jennifer Seki
Living Life to the Extreme
Donna Reinhart
Katrina Alegado
Alia Thompson
Bradley Mason

What's in the Water?

Steve Seal
Carmelina Livingston
Elizabeth Eubanks
Lindsay Knippenberg
Nettie McMiller
Anne McCarthy
Getting STOQ'd about HOTS Graphs
Jenna Gasparino
Martha Chacon
Science and Literacy
1130–1200 Evaluation— All
1200 Safe Travels home

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