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Schedule for the MBARI/NPRB/COSEE-Alaska EARTH Workshop

July 29–August 2, 2011

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Thursday—July 28, 2011 | Back to top

  Travel Day - arrive in Anchorage by 1600 hours, check in to Hotel  
1645 The guided tour of the Anchorage Museum's Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center will be provided by Dawn Biddison, Assistant Curator, at 5:00 pm on Thursday, the 28th.

Please meet at the entrance to the Anchorage Museum at 4:45 pm.

We will be going to Gingers for dinner following the tour.

Friday—July 29, 2011 | Back to top

@NPRB/AOOS/COSEE Alaska: 1007 West 3rd Avenue, Anchorage

0830 Breakfast  
0900 Introductions to EARTH and each other
George Matsumoto
0930–1045 Overview of goals and objectives of workshop George Matsumoto
1045–1100 Break  
1100–1230 Chemical Oceanography
CO2 Rising—The Ocean Acidification Phenomenon

places to look for more information:
and from the National Academies:
Dr. Jeremy Mathis
1230–1330 Lunch  
1330–1500 Biological Oceanography
Measuring the pulse of the Gulf of Alaska: oceanographic observations along Seward Line, 1997-2011

Primary link to the Seward Line:
NPRB link to the larger project:
High latitude resources:
Zooplankton in general:
Dr. Russ Hopcroft
1500–1515 Break  
1515–1630 Explore websites and talk with Drs. Mathis and Hopcroft  
1630–2130 Travel to Kasitsna Bay Lab via plane, water taxi  
2130 Lab introduction Kris Holdereid

Saturday—July 30, 2011 | Back to top

0730 Breakfast  
0800 Morning overview
George Matsumoto
0830–0930 North Pacific Research Board

Gulf of Alaska Integrated Ecosystem Research Program
Nora Deans

Danielle Dickson
0930–1015 Hydropalooza project and bathymetry/coastline mapping
Kris Holderied
1015–1045 Discussion of NPRB and Hydropalooza all
1045–1100 Break  
1100–1200 COSEE Alaska and Curriculum Discussion
Marilyn Sigman
1200–1330 Lunch  
1330–1430 The effects of ocean acidification on crab larvae

Raphaelle Descoteaux
1430–1515 Environmental Response Management Application:
Gulf response as an example

ERMA Deepwater Gulf Response
Jennifer Magnusson
1515–1530 Break  
1530–1630 Rubric Presentations (5-10 minutes each) All
1630–1700 general discussions All
1700–1715 Evaluation All
1730–2200 Water taxi to Halibut Cove
Dinner at Saltry Restaurant

Sunday—July 31, 2011 | Back to top

0730–0800 Breakfast  
0800–0900 Morning overview
George Matsumoto
0900–1200 Tidepooling (-3.5 ft tide at 09:39) All
1200–1300 Lunch  
1300–1400 Monterey Accelerated Research System— George Matsumoto
1400–1430 Discussions All
1430–1445 Break  
1445–1545 Alaska Ocean Observing System Darcy Dugan
1545–1600 About the Seldovia Village Tribe Michael Opheim
1600–1630 Discussions All
1630–1645 Evaluation All
1700–2200 Dinner in Seldovia  

Monday—August 1, 2011 | Back to top

0730 Breakfast  
0800–0830 Morning debrief/overview
George Matsumoto
0830–0945 EARTH: Wandering thru EARTH George Matsumoto and
Jennifer Magnusson
0945–1000 Break  
1000–1200 Lesson plan development
(Lesson Plan template—MS Word)
1200–1300 Lunch  
1300–1645 Continued lesson plan development All
1645–1700 Evaluation All
1700–1930 Working dinner  

Tuesday—August 2, 2011 | Back to top

0800 Breakfast
0830–0945 Clean up lab/dorms
1000–1130 Presentations (15 minutes each)
Group Topic Workshop Materials
Donna Reinhart

Ocean Acidification Ocean Acidification Lesson Plan
Buffering capacity
CO2 Dissolution
Introduction to pH
Solubility of CO2
Miriam Sutton   Earth's Future Oceans PowerPoint
Earth's Future Oceans Lesson Plan
Article Excerpts
Student Data Sheet
Teacher Key
Barbara Simon-Waters   Pop, pH, and CO2 Lesson Plan
pH, CO2 Graphs
Student Data Sheet
Carlyn Nichols
Jo Ann Day
Erin Heim
Beth Marass
Jenny Heckathorn
  Anthropogenic CO2 and our Oceans Lesson
Katie Lodes   Here Today, Gone in 2061 Lesson Plan
Here Today Rubric
Here Today Student Reflection Sheet
facebook Template
Katie Lodes   Ocean Acidification Lesson Plan
OA Webquest
pH Data
Deanna Wheeler
Sea Floor Mapping Sea Floor Mapping Lesson Plan Part 1
Monterey Bay Fly Through (Google Earth)
Carmelina Livingston
  Background Information
Sea Floor Mapping Lesson Plan Part 2
Image Library
Ocean Floor Features Vocabulary
Ocean Floor Features Headings
Ocean Floor Features Images
Ocean Floor Features Teacher Guide
Teresa Hedges   NOAA Ocean Service Education: Seafloor Mapping
NOAA Sounding Box Activity
Sounding Box Color Chart
Sounding Box Depth Chart
Katrina Alegado
  Ocean Depths Lesson Plan
Bathymetry Final Evaluation
Michael Mahoney   Crossing the Pacific (Google Earth)
Google Earth Methods
Marita Kleissler   Underwater Map Dance
Beth Trowbridge
Sheryl Sotelo
Watershed Awareness Watershed Awareness PowerPoint
Watershed Awareness Lesson Plan
Spring Bloom PowerPoint
Ocean Hydrology Investigation Data Sheet
Anne McCarthy
Kama Almasi
Danielle Dickson
Swimming the Gauntlet Swimming the Gauntlet Lesson Plan
Fish Image Worksheets
Student Reflection
Calculator Instructions
Pacific Cod Information Sheet
Walleye Pollock Information Sheet
Sablefish Life History
Pacific Ocean Perch Information Sheet
Tree Diagram
Pam Garcia
Lisa Golisek
Bonita Nelson
“The Gauntlet” Today's Fish is Your Tomorrow PowerPoint
Today's Fish is Your Tomorrow Lesson Plan

Science Notebook Rubric
Fish Hat Template
Fishing Technology Worksheet
1130–1200 Evaluation
1200 Depart for Homer via water taxi
1545 Flight to Anchorage (we will arrive in Anchorage around 4:30 pm). You can schedule outgoing flights from 530 pm and later.

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