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Schedule for the MBARI/CMOP EARTH Workshop

July 11 – 16, 2010

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Sunday—July 11, 2010

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  Arrive and check into Hotel—Extended Stay Deluxe, Hillsboro  
1700–1900 Meet & Greet—Second floor of the Cooley Science Center
Appetizers and drinks provided.

Evening Talk: An Introduction to Ocean Observing

António Baptista

Monday—July 12, 2010

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0830 Continental Breakfast outside our main meeting room Outside Clayton 401
0900 Introductions to EARTH and each other
George Matsumoto
0930–1045 Overview of goals and objectives of workshop George Matsumoto
1045–1100 Break  
1100–1200 CMOP—use of SATURN and glider data by students
(Monica Reyna, Sierra Reid and Julia McDowell)
CMOP Interns
1200–1300 Lunch Outside Clayton 401
1315–1415 “Spinning Up Science Stories” Ari Daniel Shapiro
1415–1515 Podcasts: strategies and techniques Ari Daniel Shapiro
1515–1530 Break  
1530–1630 SATURN: Integrating multiple platforms to facilitate science discovery and education Grant Law
1630–1730 Exploring CMOP and SATURN All
1730–1745 Evaluation All
1745 Dinner on your own
  Discussion about dissemination of EARTH Dinner with George somewhere

Tuesday—July 13, 2010

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0800–0830 Breakfast Outside Clayton 401
0800–0830 Morning overview
Theme: Gliders
George Matsumoto
0830–1030 Traveling to MERTS (Astoria) by car  
1030–1045 Gather and orientation Karen Wegner
1045–1130 Gliders Katie Rathmell
1130–1230 Lunch Brown bag
1230–1430 Group 1: Build a drifter

Group 2: Presentation on drifters, gliders and data

Charles Seaton
1430–1500 Break  
1500–1700 Group 1: Presentation on drifters, gliders and data

Group 2: Build a drifter
Charles Seaton

1700–1715 Evaluation  
  Dinner on your own on the way back to the hotel; we suggest eating in Seaside, Oregon ( in Seaside

Wednesday—July 14, 2010

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0800 Continental Breakfast Outside Clayton 401
0830–0845 Morning debrief/overview
Theme: MARS and Rubrics
George Matsumoto
0845–0945 Monterey Accelerated Research System and the Eye-in-the-Sea Danelle Cline and
Katie Lodes
0945–1030 Explore the MARS node, instruments, and data All
1030–1045 Break  
1045–1200 Rubrics—presentations All
1200–1245 Lunch Cooley Science Center,
2nd Floor lounge
1245–1345 Drifters and Particle tracking Charles Seaton
1345–1445 The Deep Horizon Oil Spill—Resources, Issues and Data Jennifer Magnusson
1445–1500 Break  
1500–1600 Rubrics—presentations All
1600–1630 Evaluation  
1830–2030 Dinner on your own

Thursday—July 15, 2010

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0800 Breakfast Outside Clayton 401
0830 Morning debrief/overview
Theme: Lesson Plan Development and Presentations
1000–1200 Continued lesson plan development
(Lesson Plan template—MS Word)
1200–1300 Lunch Outside Clayton 401
1300–1700 Continued lesson plan development All
1700–1930 Working Dinner—Cooley Science Center

Continued lesson plan development


Friday—July 16, 2010

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0800 Breakfast outside Clayton 401 (Brown bag lunch)

Eye-in-the-Sea Survey

Presentations (15 minutes each)

Group Topic Workshop Materials
Carmelina Livingston
Steve Seal
Anne McCarthy
Ocean Observatories & Gliders Gliders and Ocean Observation
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Instructions for Glider Data Explorations
Assessment Rubric
Diving with Gliders Lesson Plan
Ocean Observing With Gliders
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Colleen Walsh
Misty Scevola
Miriam Sutton
Ashley Spencer
Drifters & Currents Drift Away With Me
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Teacher Resources
Student Worksheet
“Rubber Duckies Map The World” article
Rubber Duckies Student Worksheet
Stella Data (.csv | .xls)
Message in a Bottle Activity
John Cary OMZs & Upwelling Hypoxia and Upwelling
Tammy Springer
Barb Alameda
Oil Spill Oil Spill Disaster—Whose Problem is it?
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Student Worksheet
(Photo 1 | Photo 2)
Rodger Johnson Intro to Remote Data Collection An Introduction to Real Time Data
Kama Almasi
Terri Hanshumaker
Drifters & Currents Drifters and Ocean Currents
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Julie Ribar Moon River
Salmon Run Survivor!
Moon River
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Salmon Run Survivor Activity
Rich Berensen Models Systems, Models and Simulations
Modeling (Drifters) Lesson Plan
Kara Allen
Jo Train
Jana Osterlund
Dana Spink
Christie Walker
Rivers to the Sea Rivers to the Sea
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Observation Worksheet
VoiceThread Worksheet
Assessment Rubric
Watershed Pictures
Donna Reinhart
Barbara Waters
Beth Marass
Oil Movement and Properties Modeling the Oil Spill in the Gulf
Student Introduction to Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
Modeling the Oil Spill
(Teacher Notes | Student Hand-out)
Gulf of Mexico Buoy—Student Handout
Oil Spill Plume—Student Handout #2
Vicki Fella-Pleier
Kathy Newman
Jennifer Sunderman
Oil-Eating Microbes BP…WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
Oil-Munching Mini-Monsters
Pat Whetstone Marine Debris Ocean’s Deadliest Catch—Duu-wat cha Si’˜s-xu
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
1130–1200 Evaluation

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