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Schedule for the MBARI Ocean Observatories Workshop

June 24 – 28, 2009

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Housing for non-local participants is at the Casa Munras Hotel

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Wednesday—Heritage Harbor

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0830 Continental Breakfast—catering by Wild Plum Cafe and Bakery  
0900 Introductions to EARTH and each other
Overview of goals and objectives of workshop
George Matsumoto
0915–0945 Talk: The Central California Ocean Observing System (CenCOOS)

Success stories
IOOS Movie (large file!)

Heather Kerkering
0945–1015 Interactive Multimedia Instructional Program Matt Binder
1045–1100 Break  
1100–1200 Web investigations into CenCOOS Matt and Heather
1200–1300 Lunch  

Surface Currents—Lesson Plan

Teacher’s Guide (MS Word | Adobe PDF)
Supplemental Information
Student Guide (MS Word | Adobe PDF)
Sea Surface Vector Field (MS Word | Adobe PDF)
Heather Kerkering &
Matt Binder

Activity using vector analysis and Google Maps

Oil Spill Prediction Animation
1515–1530 Break  
1530–1630 Rubric presentations

Blue Mud Shrimp
Steve Seal
Ashley McCulloch
Barbara Simon-Waters
Misty Scevola
Kevin Vincent

Sorting Objects
Lisa Adams
Colleen Walsh
Ron Ozuna (PowerPoint)

Observing Deeply
Barbara Harrell

Iron Fertilization
Miriam Sutton (PowerPoint)

The Good, The Bad, The Bountiful
Janet Johnstone (PowerPoint)

Who's Who in the Microbe World?
Katie LodesA
Katie LodesB

Microbes & Climate
Joan Matuzaki

1630–1700 Evaluation Donna Reinhart
1700–1900 Dinner on your own  
1900–2100 Monterey Bay Aquarium—tour of Discovery Labs and opportunity to explore the Aquarium without the crowds  


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0800 Breakfast (catering for the day by Southern Exposure)  
0830 Morning overview
Theme: Current Events in the News/Classroom
George Matsumoto
0900–1000 Talk: Mystery Spill!!—Harmful Agal Blooms (HABs)
Related reading: Bird Death Press Release
Mystery Spill movie
Red Tides in Santa Cruz meeting notes
Raphael Kudela
1000–1015 Break  
1015–1200 Activity: HAB data Heather and Raphael
1200–1300 Lunch  
1315–1445 Talk: Acoustics—what, why, and where?
Data from Deep Echo-Integrating Marine Observatory System (DEIMOS);
MBARI press release
John Horne
1445–1500 Break (cookies and treats)  
1500–1745 Data presentation/discussion All
1745–1800 Evaluation Donna
1800 Dinner at MBARI

Evening talk: Salmon in the Eastern Pacific
Reading for talk

Heather Kerkering


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0800 Continental Breakfast  
0830 Morning debrief/overview
Theme: Ocean Observatories
George Matsumoto
0900–1000 Talk: Bioluminescence in the Ocean Edie Widder
1000–1030 Discussion All
1030–1045 Break  
1045–1100 Challenges of the Deep video premiere Linda Kuhnz

Talk: ORCA’s Eye-in-the-Sea (EITS) on the
Monterey Accelerated Research System (MARS)

Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS)
Edie Widder and
Erika Raymond
1200–1245 Lunch (catered by Erik's Deli)  
1245–1345 Brief tour of MBARI, EITS, and CeNCOOS All
1345–1445 Talk: Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) and Ocean Observing

Some Ocean Observing links and information
NASA SeaWifs Breathing Earth movie
Ocean Color Giovanni
COSEE—Ocean Systems>Tools
COSEE-OS Log-in instructions
IOOS and data in the classroom

Amy Holt-Cline
1445–1500 Break  
1500–1600 Web exploration All
1600–1630 Evaluation Donna
1830–2030 Evening sail/wine tasting onboard the Chardonnay II—we have room for 30 bodies


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0800 Breakfast (catering by Southern Exposure)  
0830 Morning debrief/overview
Theme: Lesson Plan Development and Presentations
0900–1200 Continued lesson plan development
(Lesson Plan template—MS Word)
1200–1300 Lunch  
1300–1700 Continued lesson plan development All
1700–1930 Working Dinner

Continued lesson plan development



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0800 Breakfast

Presentations (15 minutes each)

Group Workshop Materials
Devon, John, Joanne, Katie Scientific Method: EITS (PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
EITS Rubrics
VARS—How to
EITS Video
Lisa, Sarah, Kevin Mystery Spill! (PowerPoint)
Teacher Resource (PowerPoint)
Monterey Bay Vector Chart
Vector Analysis Student Guide
Wet Lab Extension Activity
Barb, Colleen, Ashley The Biology and Chemistry Behind HABs (PowerPoint)
Nitrogen Concentration and Algal Blooms (Lesson Plan)
HAB Nitrate Lab
Algae Student Fact Sheet
Killer Blooms Teacher Guide
Killer Blooms Student Handout
HABs News Video
Christine, Kirsten, Janet The Case of the Bloody Red Salt
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan | Rubric)
Bird Feather Data Sheet
Data Assessment Worksheet
Data Assessment Worksheet Key
Miriam, Lisa L. Sea Level Trends (PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Sea Level Data (Excel)
Data instructions (Fast Delivery)
Data Instructions (Research Quality)
Understanding Sea Level Change
Donna What are hydrothermal vents?
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Sue Do Sea Animals Cook at 194°?
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Student PowerPoint
Internet Activity Sheet
Vicki Salmon (PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Ron and Steve Can Technology Save the Pacific Salmon?
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Sample Data Sheet
New Marine Technology Worksheet
Where are the Fish?
(PowerPoint | Lesson Plan)
Linda, Beth, Joan Presentation Wiki
1130–1200 Evaluation Donna

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