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Lesson Plan Development

Lesson Plan template—MS Word

General Oceanographic Info

Other Lesson Plan Links

Ocean Drilling

  • International Ocean Drilling Program—
    • IODP Audiovisual Library
    • IODP Education/Teaching materials
    • IODP Video Expedition
      • MARUM scientists Ursula Röhl and Alex Wülbers are investigating what the ocean floor has to tell us about the climate in the past. The geologists are part of the international IODP (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program) project. In this report they talk about an especially challenging expedition; how with a drilling ship they navigated the Arctic ice to the Lomonosov Ridge, an underwater shelf that extends through the northern polar region.


Environmental Sample Processor

Harmful Algal Blooms

Dead Zones


Satellite Oceanography

suggested Materials

  • Live Daphnia culture
  • Plastic fish models
  • Sea Soup books
  • Giant Microbes - stuffed models of your favorite microbes!

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Last updated: Jul. 30, 2014