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April 25, 2002

ScienceMedia Offices in San Diego

Attending: Margaret Harmon, Adam Endicott, Donald Mackay, and Michelle Youngers (ScienceMedia), Annette deCharon (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences), Nancy Barr, and George I. Matsumoto (MBARI).

Here is a pdf file of the sketch that we had up on the board during our discussion.

This 'prototype' website should include a variety of visual and audio presentations to give MBARI and our primary audience (community college) an opportunity to explore and decide which tools are most effective. The list below provides the basic aspects that each group will be responsible for. Communication between all parties should be constant throughout the process so that the development of this site is a collaborative effort. Details are below the table.




Data Project Administration Case Study
Content "Tool Kit" 'development editor'
Images interactivity interactivity
Video clips animations models
Server space/access

Image files should be .tif or .jpg. Video clips could be in digital video format. Autocad files (mooring diagram) would be fine. Content for the various rollovers will be provided by MBARI as will all necessary images (equipment, etc). Data files are provided online already ( MBARI will also host this site and will provide server space and access for ScienceMedia and Annette.

ScienceMedia will be responsible for the overall site project management format (ASP based) which will enable MBARI to track users within the site (individual access and tracking). ScienceMedia will generate the frontpage (as sketched out above) of this site adhering to MBARI standards for the MBARI website (A copy of this will be provided to ScienceMedia by MBARI). The 'toolkit' interactive application will be loosely based upon the existing data visualization toolkit on the Water on the Web site.

Annette will be responsible for working up one 'case-study' for this prototype website. This particular case-study will focus on upwelling and will include models based on real data and some interactivity.


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