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March 7-8, 2002
Education and Real-Time Data Workshop: Where should the two meet?


Day One

Day Two

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*Charge for second breakout

"We don�t want to add curriculum to teacher�s workload, we want to facilitate teaching with technology"

  • "Pull" is better than "Push"
  • Use of 'packaged' data is good (archived data)
    • Access to 'raw' data is good either now or later
  • Data intervals
    • Provide access to data in varying increments (hours, days, weeks, months)
  • Case Studies
    • Justification
    • Examples
  • Participation
    • "Publish" student work
    • Discussions with and between peers/professionals
    • Ability to submit proposals
    • Tools to interact with
      • Exploration
      • Graphs
      • Models


Thoughts from each of the different breakout groups




Full-hemisphere views of the Earth from GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites).
GOES satellites are built by NASA and operated by NOAA.
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