Monterey Bay time series data

On station collecting sea water from the CTDGraphs of core properties from shipboard CTD bottle (BCTD) and profiling (PCTD) samples taken in Monterey Bay, from 1989-Present.  Depth time contours and characterization graphs of physical, chemical, and biological samples are updated quarterly.

Time series cruises are monthly.  Major stations consist of C1, C7, H1, H3, Mooring1, and Mooring2.  From 1989-1992 the cruises occupied 4 stations  C1, H1, H3, C7. In 1993 these stations were reduced to 3 along an onshore/offshore transect, stations C1, Mooring1; Mooring2.  Included in the time series data are the quarterly hydrographic surveys along CalCOFI Line 67 for the stations C1; 67-50,Mooring1, H3; 67-55 and Mooring2.  (station mapmethods and materials).

For use in publication, authors must obtain written permission from  Francisco Chavez.  You must acknowledge MBARI as the data source in those publications and provide reprints to the MBARI library.