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Deep-Sea Respiration Expedition 2018 – Log 3

The ROV Doc Ricketts looked very empty during the launch. Our mission is to recover the MRS at the 2,000 meters mooring, so the vehicle will be fully loaded when it is recovered in the late afternoon. The ROV is lowered into the water through the moon pool of the R/V Western Flyer by the skilled Chief ROV Pilot Knute Brekke.

Deep-Sea Respiration Expedition 2018 – Log 3

Yesterday was an early start with a goal of retrieving the MRS from the 2,000 meter mooring. During the dive, we spotted a rare deep-sea jelly, Vampyrocrossota childressi and a very full black swallower, Chiasmodon niger.

About Deep-Sea Respiration Expedition 2018

August 8-16, 2018 – The Midwater Ecology Group is measuring oxygen consumption rates of select deep-sea animals using a custom-designed tool, the Midwater Respirometry System (MRS).