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Deep-Sea Respiration Expedition 2018 – Log 1

Research Specialist Kim Reisenbichler and MBARI Collaborator from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Karen Osborn work quickly to transport this collected Aulacoctena from the detritus sampler to the wet lab.

Deep-Sea Respiration Expedition 2018 – Log 1

Our mission today was to fill and deploy the MRS at our deep mooring site (2,800 meters). Locating target animals is a challenge at this food-limited depth, but as the ROV flew closer to the seafloor we were able to successfully fill the chambers with a mysid shrimp, an eelpout, and several snailfishes. Respiration rates will be measured in the field over the next 48 hours, then we will bring the module back up to the surface to get weights and measurements of the animals.

On the way back to the surface we collected several deep-sea amphipods using the suction sampler for our collaborators who are studying their vision systems. This group of animals has wide variation in eye morphology.

About Deep-Sea Respiration Expedition 2018

August 8-16, 2018 – The Midwater Ecology Group is measuring oxygen consumption rates of select deep-sea animals using a custom-designed tool, the Midwater Respirometry System (MRS).