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Habitat: Midwater

Pigbutt worm

The pigbutt worm is an unusual little worm discovered by MBARI researchers.

Woolly siphonophore

Sprawling tentacles help a wooly siphonophore snag a meal of jellies and other gelatinous animals.

Glass squid

Transparency keeps glass squids safe in the twilight zone.

Silky jelly

When danger approaches, the silky jelly uses speed and clever tricks to make a quick escape.

Abyssal comb jelly

This predator’s pretty pink color is clever camouflage.

Barrel amphipod

The midwater is a vast expanse of water between the surface and the seafloor.

Common siphonophore

The common siphonophore is a sit-and-wait predator that casts stinging tentacles to capture krill and other plankton.

Deep-sea squid

The deep-sea squid (Bathyteuthis sp.) is unusual among squids. Instead of laying egg cases on the seafloor or releasing a drifting egg mass, females brood their developing offspring.

Psychedelic jelly

Meet one of the most colorful residents of the ocean’s midnight zone. That remarkable coloration tipped off scientists that they had found a new species.


Dragonfishes are cunning predators that lie in wait to ambush unsuspecting prey.