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Category: Animal of the Deep

Woolly siphonophore

Sprawling tentacles help a wooly siphonophore snag a meal of jellies and other gelatinous animals.

Bubblegum coral

The knobby branches of the bubblegum coral shelter smaller fishes and invertebrates.

Pom-pom anemone

The pom-pom anemone rolls along the seafloor with ocean currents until it finds the perfect spot to spread its tuft of tentacles.

Glass squid

Transparency keeps glass squids safe in the twilight zone.

Mushroom soft coral

Creature Type Maximum Size 15 cm (6 inches) across Depth 200–1,200 m (660–3,900 feet) Habitat Seafloor seamounts, submarine canyons, and rocky outcroppings Diet Plankton and small crustaceans Range Northeastern Pacific Ocean from California to Mexico About This coral is one of the nicest neighbors you could hope for. The mushroom soft coral (Heteropolypus ritteri) is …

Silky jelly

When danger approaches, the silky jelly uses speed and clever tricks to make a quick escape.

Basket star

Deep-sea basket stars wriggle an impressive array of arms to snare a meal of plankton from ocean currents.

Abyssal comb jelly

This predator’s pretty pink color is clever camouflage.

Barrel amphipod

The midwater is a vast expanse of water between the surface and the seafloor.

Common siphonophore

The common siphonophore is a sit-and-wait predator that casts stinging tentacles to capture krill and other plankton.