Expedition Log


Chasing ocean ecosystem hotspots – Log 2

We had a successful 24 hours yesterday sampling with the R/V Ruben Lasker during the day at the front and then following them at night along the Davenport line while they conducted their traditional trawl sampling. The Wave Glider Tiny that is following the 3G ESP LRAUV Makai has a very bright light and during night sampling …

Expedition Log


Chasing ocean ecosystem hotspots – Log 1

We’re beginning our joint sampling with the R/V Ruben Lasker today. We want to explore how fronts affect the aggregations of different organisms. Last night and this morning we took a Pairovet sample at our time series station, which is currently located within the frontal region. Some of the organisms we found during last night’s …

Expedition Log


Chasing ocean ecosystem hotspots

MBARI Expedition #443  Expedition goal:  Tracking ocean hotspots Expedition dates: June 5-11, 2018 Ships: R/V Western Flyer, R/V Ruben Lasker Research technology: Third-generation Environmental Sample Processor, long-range underwater vehicle Makai, CTD rosette, Wave Glider Expedition chief scientist: Katie Pitz For generations, fishermen have noted the locations of hot fishing spots. Top marine predators like seabirds have …