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Chasing ocean ecosystem hotspots – Log 1

Chasing ocean ecosystem hotspots – Log 1

We’re beginning our joint sampling with the R/V Ruben Lasker today. We want to explore how fronts affect the aggregations of different organisms. Last night and this morning we took a Pairovet sample at our time series station, which is currently located within the frontal region.

Some of the organisms we found during last night’s net tow—including krill—are pictured below. Water flowing through the net is also collected and processed for later eDNA analysis. We’re also using acoustic data to direct our sampling to high-abundance points along the frontal transect.

About Chasing ocean ecosystem hotspots

June 5-11, 2018 – Large, multi-institution, CANON field experiment employs a wide range of technology to follow hotspots of biological activity.