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Watch this video to learn what HOT-DOGS is all about.

Station ALOHA is a multidisciplinary hydrostation situated in the North Pacific subtropical gyre.  A host of biological and chemical variables have been measured at this site on a near-monthly basis since October 1988.  Such data sets provide a rare and valuable opportunity to analyze fundamental geophysical dynamics and ecosystem processes.  Fortunately, these data are available for online public access and can be downloaded for students to explore a wide range of research questions.

HOT Data visualization

  1. Navigate to

  2. From the menu at the top of the screen, go to Vertical Profiles > Display > Bottle
  3. Enter cruise number (178, for February 2006), station (2, for ALOHA); leave cast numbers blank
  4. Enter axis variables: 
    1. X-axis: “Nitrate + Nitrite
    2. Y-axis: “Pressure
    3. C-axis: leave blank
  5. Set Output type as a “text”
  6. Click “Submit Query;”  The data will be displayed as follows:

  7. Highlight the displayed data (CTRL+A) and copy it (CTRL+C) 

  8. Open a new document in your text editor (Notepad, WordPad, TextEdit; usually in your utilities or accessories folder)
  9. Paste the data into the new document (CTRL+V). 
  10. Save the file on the desktop or in an easy-to-find folder

  11. Repeat this procedure for Phosphate (Choose “Phosphate” for the X-axis in Data Visualization step 4-a)

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Last updated: Jul. 30, 2014