Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Benthic Biology and Ecology

The Benthic Ecology and Biology group is primarily  interested in factors that regulate the  abundance and distribution of benthic communities. We are currently involved in  projects examining links between climate changes and the ecosystem in the Ross Sea of Antarctica, investigating biotic and abiotic factors that structure cold-seep communities, the ecology of non-seep communities in Monterey Canyon, and the biological effects of direct CO sequestration. Under the direction of Jim Barry, the Benthic Ecology and Biology group continues to study all aspects of life on the deep sea floor.

Ocean Acidification

Monterey Canyon
Carbon Flux

Pattern and Dynamics of 
Soft Sediment Faunal Communities

Benthic Infauna

Turbidity Events


Cold Seeps

Last updated: Apr. 23, 2014