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Benthic Ecology and Biology
Cold Seeps

We are interested in understanding the physical and biological interactions associated with seep communities in the Monterey Bay


About Vesicomyid clams

Many benthic communities in Monterey Canyon are linked to the seepage of methane and sulfide rich fluids from the ocean floor. These areas of seepage are called cold seeps.  Under the direction of Jim Barry the benthic ecology group here at MBARI  is examining the linkage between these bottom dwelling organisms and the chemistry that makes this environment unique.  
Slide Shows
bullet Cold seep research at MBARI (12.8MB)
bullet What are cold seeps?  

Facts and Photos

bullet Seep animals
bullet Cold seep location map
bullet Factors Regulating Productivity in Chemoautotrophic symbiosis(pdf)



Click here to view cold seep footage from the ROV Ventana (LARGE FILE)

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