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Deep-Sea Amphipods

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Cyphocaris.jpg (63952 bytes)
Eurythenes grillus

Mayerella.jpg (58884 bytes)

Mayerella sp.

Valettiopsis.JPG (77554 bytes)

Valettiopsis concava

Haploops_gill_oost.JPG (90876 bytes)
Haploops lodo
female gill and oostegite

Haploops2_T616C72P1.jpg (130013 bytes)

Haploops lodo

Ampelisca_unsocalae_live.jpg (78315 bytes)
Ampelisca unsocalae
1040 m

Haploops_pleated_gill.JPG (86592 bytes)
Haploops lodo
male pleated gill

Haploops_bed.jpg (126804 bytes)

Haploops lodo
sediment tubes on the seafloor at ~3600 m

Ampelisca_unsocalae.jpg (54746 bytes)
Ampelisca unsocalae 
Family Ampeliscidae (4)

Bathymedon_kassites.jpg (78352 bytes)
Bathymedon kassites
Family Oedicerotidae (1)

Bruzelia.jpg (66560 bytes)
Bruzelia ?tuberculata
Family Synopiidae (3)

Harpiniopsis_epistomata.jpg (72405 bytes)
Harpiniopsis epistomata
Family Phoxocephalidae

Lepidepecreum_serraculum.jpg (76405 bytes)
Lepidepecreum serraculum
Family Lysianassidae(6)

Listriella .jpg (121501 bytes)
Juvenile Listriella sp.
Family Liljeborgiidae (8)

Harpiniopsis_x_emeriyi.jpg (89416 bytes)
Harpiniopsis ?emeryi
Family Phoxocephalidae (20)

Bathymedon_pumlis.jpg (69346 bytes)
Bathymedon pumlis
Family Oedicerotidae  (11)

Hippomedon_columbianus.jpg (97807 bytes)
Hippomedon columbianus
Family Lysianassidae (12)

Metopa_dawsoni.jpg (95710 bytes)
Metopa dawsoni 
Family Stenothoidae (13)

amphipod_2.jpg (120392 bytes)
Amphipoda sp. (2)

?Hippomedon columbianus
Family Lysianassidae (L1)

Special thanks to
Peter Slattery of Moss Landing Marine Labs for his help with these identifications


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