Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute


MBARI, "Deepwater Horizon Spill"-MBARI sends AUV to study the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

NOAA release: "NOAA Research Ship Gordon Gunter Expands Gulf Mission"

The San Francisco Chronicle, "Monterey Bay Aquarium sub on mission in gulf" (5-29-10) by David Perlman

Associated Press, "Gulper and SIPPER among oil spill study tools" (5-29-10) by Janet McConnaughey, "NOAA research vessel Gordon Gunter tapped for oil spill research mission" (5-27-10) by Kaija Wilkinson

NPR, "Robots provide undersea eyes, hands in Gulf spill" (5-23-10) by Yuki Noguchi

Scientific American, "Gulf oil spill highlights the increasing dependence on deep-sea robots" (5-7-10) by Larry Greenemeier


Popular Mechanics, "Robots Are Tougher Than You, Part 1: The Deep Sea." (2-1-07) by Daniel H. Wilson


MBARI, Mapping Vehicle-MBARI AUV completes pioneering mission to map the seafloor.


MBARI, AUV Monterey Canyon-MBARI's ROV carried an AUV during a series of recent dives in the Monterey Canyon in order to test the AUV's new multibeam sonar.


MBARI, Arctic Test-The AUV's first real mission, which is called the Atlantic Layer Tracking Experiment (ALTEX) will study the warm seawater that flows from the Atlantic into the Arctic Basin.


MBARI, ALTEX Cruise- MBARI researchers depart to the Arctic Circle to test a newly-designed autonomous underwater vehicle called the ALTEX AUV.

Last updated: Oct. 14, 2011