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AUV multibeam data maps

The MBARI mapping autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) has now been deployed repeatedly in Monterey Canyon, as well as in Santa Monica Bay, Barkley Canyon off British Columbia, and at Axial Volcano on the Juan de Fuca Ridge.

Monterey Canyon

The Canyon Processes project maps the axis of Monterey Canyon regularly to detect bathymetric changes due to sediment transport events. The MARS project used the AUV to map the cable route.

mapping canyon
This three-dimensional view of the Monterey Canyon channel was made from multibeam bathymetry data collected with the mapping AUV. Ripples and erosion channels are visible in the canyon axis.
David Caress © 2005 MBARI

Closeups of Axial's AUV-generated bathymetry, gridded at 1m resolution

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Maps and images courtesy of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2006

chimneysAn area on the east side of the caldera where several large sulfide chimneys were discovered on ROV ROPOS dive R1014, guided by this map. Scale bar is 50 meters. Image courtesy of NOAA, 2006. el guapo El Guapo is one of the new chimneys found on R1014. It is venting water at 338oC (640oF) and stands 13m (43ft) tall, the largest active vent yet found at Axial. Image courtesy of NOAA, 2006.
pillarsAn area of lava pillars, collapsed lava surface and uncollapsed lobate lava flows. Scale bar is 50 meters. Image courtesy of NOAA, 2006. collapse ROV ROPOS image of a collapsed flow in the area mapped at left.
Image courtesy of NOAA, 2006.
channels at Axial
Large lava drainage channel and deep fissures on the Axial 1998 lava flow. Scale bar is 200 meters. Image courtesy of NOAA, 2006.


Last updated: Aug. 17, 2010