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Day of Engineering, Science, and Technology 2016

Research vessel Paragon at the dock during MBARI's 2016 Day of Science, Engineering, and Technology

Day of Engineering, Science, and Technology 2016

The research vessel Paragon and a long-range autonomous underwater vehicle being presented by Jared Figurski (right) and Brian Kieft (left) on the walking tour as part of MBARI’s Day of Engineering, Science, and Technology. Image: Drew Burrier © MBARI

During MBARI’s annual Day of Engineering, Science, and Technology, the staff presented new research and development to the institute’s board of directors. Wide-ranging presentations and a “tools of the trade” walking tour comprised this year’s special day, which focused on the theme “extending our reach”.  The presentations highlighted teamwork within and beyond the walls of MBARI—between  scientists and engineers and between MBARI staff and other oceanic institutions, governmental organizations, nonprofits, and technologically based businesses.

Presenters told the board of several research and engineering efforts, including the pursuit for less invasive, and more effective, biodiversity research and observations; the importance of tracing organic pollutants and plastics through oceanic food webs; exploring effective restoration of deep-sea corals to re-seed damaged or disturbed seafloor surfaces; and the use of technological solutions to monitor marine protected areas and rebuild fish populations.

power buoy
The wave energy power buoy with the Wave Glider flapping foil on the walking tour. Image: Kelly Lance © MBARI

The walking tour showcased the innovative engineering and technology that will make all of this research successful, such as the ability to recharge autonomous underwater vehicles with wave energy harnessed by a power buoy, modernizing video assets by incorporating next-generation video capture, analysis, distribution, and backup storage; operating a laboratory designed to study upwelling, rising ocean temperatures, and ocean acidification. Overall, the event showcased MBARI’s ability to reach beyond organizational boundaries and thought processes to attain novel solutions and possibilities—a great day for board members, employees, and summer interns.