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Annual report showcases MBARI discoveries and technology innovations in 2021

Annual report showcases MBARI discoveries and technology innovations in 2021

MBARI’s 2021 Annual Report highlights our ongoing work to leverage innovative technology to explore the ocean. Image: © 2022 MBARI

This week, MBARI released its 2021 Annual Report. The online report provides a visually rich, multimedia view highlighting some of our latest research and technology developments.

David Packard founded MBARI in 1987 to establish a new type of oceanographic institution—one where scientists and engineers worked side-by-side—because he believed the ocean was the most important frontier we have left. The 2021 report showcases some of last year’s unique collaborations that brought the expertise of our science, engineering, marine operations, and communications teams together to further our mission to understand a changing ocean. 

Learn how our team has used innovative autonomous robots to gain important insight into the cycling of carbon—information critical to improving our understanding of the role of the ocean in climate change. Explore unique initiatives at MBARI that leverage sound and drifting bits of genetic material to build a more comprehensive picture of ocean health. Dive into MBARI’s efforts to inspire a new generation of ocean explorers and share our discoveries with audiences around the world.

Our 2021 Annual Report report also looks forward, highlighting the construction of our new flagship research vessel and new additions to the MBARI team. Get a sneak peek at work that lies ahead for MBARI this year, from a new observatory here on the Central Coast to an expedition returning to a remote area of the Arctic.

Check out MBARI’s 2021 Annual Report

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