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Annual report highlights MBARI research and technology developments

Screenshot of the landing page for MBARI’s 2022 Annual Report. The header includes the MBARI name and gulper eel logo, Publications, and A line of tabs below includes From the Masthead, Highlights, Animals of the Deep, Awards, In Memoriam, and a search icon. The background is a photo of two peach-colored basket stars with coiled arms gripping onto the rim of a pale yellow sponge. The main text reads 2022 Annual Report: Highlights of our research and technology developments.
MBARI’s 2022 Annual Report offers an immersive, visual summary of our science and engineering work over the past year. Image: © 2023 MBARI

Annual report highlights MBARI research and technology developments

This week, MBARI released its 2022 Annual Report, a visually rich review of our research and technology highlights from the past year.

David Packard envisioned MBARI as a unique oceanographic institution where scientists and engineers collaborate side-by-side. For more than 35 years, we have worked to advance exploration of the ocean’s depths. All life on Earth depends on the ocean. Our technology innovations have provided important insight into our connection to the ocean—and how human actions may affect its future.

2022 marked the start of a bold new chapter in our work. We bid farewell to our flagship research vessel, the Western Flyer, while marking a major milestone in construction of its replacement, the David Packard. The opening of the groundbreaking Into the Deep exhibition reinvigorated our partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium. And we continued to invest in emerging technologies—from environmental DNA to artificial intelligence—to better understand the ocean at a critical moment of profound change.

Check out MBARI’s 2022 Annual Report

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