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Category: Discovery

Pigbutt worm

The pigbutt worm is an unusual little worm discovered by MBARI researchers.

Woolly siphonophore

Sprawling tentacles help a wooly siphonophore snag a meal of jellies and other gelatinous animals.

Bloody-belly comb jelly

The bloody-belly comb jelly’s deep red color disguises it in the ocean’s midnight zone.

Harp sponge

The harp sponge may sound angelic, but it is a carnivorous deep-sea predator.

Angler siphonophore

The angler siphonophore fishes for its meals.

Big red jelly

The big red jelly lurks in the ocean’s mysterious midwaters.

Bomber worm

The midnight zone is a world of total darkness where predators lurk in the shadows ready to pounce on prey. The small bomber worm (Swima spp.) swims in the waters a few meters above the seafloor. A wriggling worm is exposed out in the open, but it has a secret weapon to avoid becoming a meal for a hungry predator.