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Administrator Annette Gough retiring after 29 years

Administrator Annette Gough retiring after 29 years

Annette Gough is retiring after 29 years as an administrator at MBARI.

Few staff members can say they have seen MBARI transform from a burgeoning research institute to an advanced world center for marine research and technology. Annette Gough is one of those staff members—she joined MBARI as an administrator in 1988 (the institute was established in 1987) and is retiring this year. Gough works closely with science staff on various administrative needs such as budget and project management, event planning, graphic design, and website coordination.

On top of providing MBARI scientists with administrative support, she is the unofficial MBARI historian. With an excellent memory, Gough can easily recall nearly 30 years of stories of life at MBARI (including a few that can make some of our staff blush).

Gough is adored and respected by her colleagues. Senior Scientist Bruce Robison, who joined MBARI at its inception and worked closely with Gough during his tenure as research chair, commented on Gough, “She is the glue that has held us together for nearly three decades. Much of MBARI’s success is due to her skills, wisdom, and wit.”

Gough will be dearly missed by her peers, and her impact on MBARI will be remembered for a very long time. When asked how she will spend her retirement, Gough responded that she will “spend time traveling with her husband and visiting their children.”

Article by Meilina Dalit

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