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Seafloor Fault Expedition 2018 – Log 6

We’re heading home! During this cruise, we completed 25 ROV dives, collected 130 vibracores, and 348 push cores. This totals over 20,000 centimeters of sediment cores collected during this expedition. Of those samples, we sliced, bagged, and labeled over 2,000 one-centimeter slices of mud and sand. Now the next phase begins: we analyze all these samples to understand …

Expedition Log


Seafloor Fault Expedition 2018 – Log 5

In the last two weeks aboard the R/V Western Flyer, we’ve spent 24 ROV dives cruising across the seafloor offshore Southern California, collecting sediment cores. Much of the seafloor we have surveyed is flat, muddy, and brown. So, one can imagine the eruption of excitement when we see a cool deep-sea animal. More notable organisms …

Expedition Log


Seafloor Fault Expedition 2018 – Log 4

Along with scientists from MBARI and the U.S. Geological Survey, we have two graduate students and a postdoctoral researcher from Stanford University on the R/V Western Flyer with us. Each is interested in something slightly different but all are eager to help out and gain first-hand experience with the many tasks required to complete this research. …

Expedition Log


Seafloor Fault Expedition 2018 – Log 3

Each day starts at 6:00 a.m. with preparing the ROV Doc Ricketts for the first dive of the day. Preparations include making sure we are in the correct spot on the map and all our sediment coring equipment is ready to go on the ROV. The ship’s stellar crew and ROV pilots jump into coordinated …

Expedition Log


Seafloor Fault Expedition 2018 – Log 2

If you take a styrofoam cup into the deep sea, the immense water pressure will squeeze all the air out of the cups compressing them into miniature versions of the original cup. The deeper the ROV goes, the smaller the cups get as more air is squeezed out. Prior to departing, we packed cups decorated …

Expedition Log


Seafloor Fault Expedition 2018 – Log 1

Yesterday, we set sail for the Southern California expedition. At the start of every cruise a safety meeting is held for all the participating scientists to learn how the Western Flyer is run and to go over all the ship rules and safety protocols. During our long transit south, we made a short stop offshore …