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Midwater Ecology Expedition 2018 – Log 5

Learning about the respiration and metabolism of deep midwater animals is a priority of the Midwater Ecology Group. Studying an animal’s respiration (how much oxygen it consumes), helps us better understand how much energy (food) it needs to live. Understanding this relationship between oxygen consumption and energy requirements for different organisms gives scientists a better …

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Midwater Ecology Expedition 2018 – Log 4

As mentioned in the first log entry of the expedition, the midwater contains much of the ocean’s biodiversity and MBARI’s use of ROVs to study this huge and unknown habitat has led to many discoveries. Some of the most surprising discoveries made by MBARI’s midwater biologists involve giant larvaceans (Bathochordaeus). These pelagic tunicates thrive in …

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Midwater Ecology Expedition 2018 – Log 3

We got these stunning close-up shots of this viperfish, Chauliodus macouni, this week with ROV Doc Ricketts. This fish is over 500 meters (1,640 feet) below the surface and no longer than your forearm. The fact that we can fly a large underwater robot in the deep midwater, spot and zoom in on an amazing deep-sea fish, watch …

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Midwater Ecology Expedition 2018 – Log 2

Exploring the midwater with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) gives us a unique perspective of the communities living there. Traditional methods for studying the midwater involved trawling—dragging a net behind the boat and then sorting through the haul. That haul can be filled with fish, squid, crustaceans, and LOTS of jelly parts. Due to their …

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Midwater Ecology Expedition 2018 – Log 1

Between the ocean surface and the seafloor lies a vast, fluid universe, Earth’s least-known environment. That habitat, commonly called the midwater, contains much of planet Earth’s biodiversity. Using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to study the animals living there gives us a unique perspective of this ecosystem. Regular investigations of midwater ecology with ROVs has led …

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Midwater Ecology Expedition 2018

MBARI Expedition #452 Expedition goal: The main goal of this expedition is to expand ongoing research into the respiration rates (oxygen consumption) of deep-sea animals using the Midwater Respirometry System (MRS). The MRS will be deployed at a “shallow” (approximately 1,500 meters depth) and a “deep” (approximately 3,000 meters depth) mooring during the duration of the …