Photo of Zach Gold

Zack Gold 

Group Lead
NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Lab ‘Omics Program

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is a powerful, cost effective, scalable, and automatable tool that can enhance marine ecosystem/biodiversity monitoring programs. However, unlocking the full promise of eDNA requires transitioning this rapidly evolving field into routine marine biodiversity operations. This talk highlights successes and ongoing challenges in operationalizing eDNA for routine biomonitoring drawing from a suite of collaborative research advances in 1) improving our ability to characterize marine biodiversity, 2) understanding temporal and spatial dynamics, 3) deriving quantitative abundance estimates from eDNA approaches, and 4) harmonizing eDNA methods and data management across NOAA and U.S. West Coast through the West Coast Ocean Biomolecular Observation Network. Ultimately, through rigorous benchmarking and widespread adoption of best practices, eDNA approaches will continue to enhance marine biodiversity monitoring efforts providing higher resolution inventories of our critical marine resources needed to better inform marine conservation and management decisions.


July 26, 2023


11 AM Pacific Time


In-person attendance limited to MBA and MBARI staff
7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

Webinar recording