Virginia Schutte in the southernmost reaches of Everglades National Park, taking a break from her experiment lurking just beneath the water. - photo by V. Schutte

Virginia Schutte

Science Media Specialist

I decided to save the world when I was very young. I’ve spent my career figuring out how to actually do that, and settled on being a science communicator. I will share my career journey in this seminar, focusing on key inflection points of my life and jobs, including how I figure out what I want from life, how I measure career success, and how I make sure my career aligns with my personal values. I will candidly discuss what it was like to leave academia, the duties I think of as unshakable companions to my privilege, and the tension I feel as a mother who loves leaving her children in order to explore the world. My goal is to show seminar attendees how I achieve joy in my pursuit of purpose, and to prompt them to think about how they can do the same.


July 31, 2024


11 AM to noon PST


7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

Zoom webinar registration

In-person attendance is limited to staff and approved guests. The seminar will be presented in a hybrid format, you can register for the Zoom link here.