graphic for Hacking for Impact seminar showing the title, a school of fish, and the organization name Common Mission Project (CMP)

Taylor Moran

Senior Analyst

Common Mission Project

In a world facing pressing environmental challenges, innovative and rapid solutions are more critical than ever. The seminar “Hacking for Impact (H4I)” delves into a groundbreaking approach where university students become catalysts for change by leveraging their skills in technology, creativity, and collaboration to address real-world environmental issues. This seminar explores how H4I programs combine the agility of start-ups with the passion and talent of students to generate impactful solutions, while also providing the opportunity for participants to contribute their own challenges to the H4I ecosystem.

The seminar will highlight the key components of the H4I model, emphasizing the convergence of multidisciplinary student teams, mentorship from industry experts, and a time-bound, intensive format. Through a dynamic blend of case studies, success stories, and interactive discussions, attendees will gain insights into how H4I programs operate as innovation hubs, fostering an environment where bold ideas transform into actionable solutions.


November 1, 2023


11:00-12:00 Pacific Time


7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

Vimeo recording of talk

This presentation was recorded and is available for viewing here