photo of Randi Rotjan

Randi Rotjan

Associate Professor, Boston University
Science Lead, Blue Nature Alliance

With the acceleration of the global biodiversity and climate crises, the need to protect and sustainably manage ocean resources has never been greater. However, the science needed to integrate ocean protection and sustainable production in the blue economy remains underdeveloped and contested. The scientific divide and the knowledge gaps still remaining have created serious real-world challenges for practitioners seeking to reconcile protection and production approaches, and is therefore hindering progress in achieving effective global conservation targets. Via case studies and emerging ideas, this seminar will explore how science can bring together the “twin pillars” of protection and production, integrating mutually reinforcing meaningful protections at scale, while also driving management of production systems to internationally agreed sustainability standards.


April 3, 2024


11 AM to noon:  Pacific Time


7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

Zoom webinar registration

In-person attendance is limited to staff and approved guests. The seminar will be presented in a hybrid format, you can register for the Zoom link here. This seminar will not be recorded.