photo of Krystle Wood and Carolyn Box, co-founders of MATErevolve

Krystle Moody Wood, Sustainable Textile Expert
Carolynn Box, Marine Pollution Expert
Materevolve (

Due to growing concerns over the presence and persistence of microfiber pollution in the environment as well as their potential ecological and human health impacts, scientists from the textile industry, marine conservation, government, and academia are working together to address this critical issue. With interest initially stemming from plastic pollution research, global scientists are finding that microfibers are prevalent in all environment compartments from soil, sea, air, to living organisms, and that both non-plastic and plastic fibers could be of concern. Through cross-sector collaboration, important foundational work is being conducted to (1) define microfiber; (2) assess potential sources, prevalence and causes; (3) build standardized methodology to measure and estimate the prevalence; and (4) build recommendations for reducing microfiber pollution through sustainable textile innovation and policy solutions for a variety of stakeholders. This presentation will discuss a multi-pronged approach to drive solutions through research, prevention, and mitigation measures for microfiber pollution.


December 13, 2023


11 AM Pacific Time


7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

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This seminar was recorded and is available on Vimeo at this link