photograph of seminar speaker Jennifer Ho

Jennifer Ho

University of Colorado

Ethnic Studies Department

This presentation will focus on the past and present issues facing Asian American people in the US, as well as how these issues intersect with Critical Race Theory or CRT (what CRT is and isn’t and why there is a moral panic over CRT when it’s really a specialized field of academic inquiry). Starting with an overview of who Asian Americans are, Professor Ho will take an autobiographical turn by talking about how her family came to the US and why she identifies with being Asian American and how her work in Critical Race Theory is deeply intertwined with her work as an Asian American Studies scholar. Professor Ho will happily answer questions after the presentation on any aspects of Asian American history and culture, critical race theory, intersectional oppression, and how we can have (and should have) more productive conversations about race and racism in this present moment.

To read some of Professor Ho’s public facing work that pertains to this presentation, see this CNN piece, “To Be an Asian Woman in America” and “Don’t Be Afraid: Critical Race Theory Won’t Bite (But It May Make You Think)” from the Colorado Times Recorder.


June 12, 2024


11 AM to noon Pacific Time


7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

Zoom webinar registration

In-person attendance is limited to staff and approved guests. The seminar will be presented in a hybrid format, you can register for the Zoom link here.