Photo of Hanne Strager

Hanne Strager

Director of Exhibitions
The Whale in Andenes, Norway


Killer whales are not universally loved. Through history and in many different places of the world their story is one of fear and persecution. Marine mammal biologist and cofounder of The Whale Center in Andenes, Norway Hanne Strager talks about her research in Norway and her book The Killer Whale JournalsWhen she started studying orcas in Norway a decade long persecution where more than 1000 orcas were killed had just ended. And the same was true for Iceland. In both these places the orcas were persecuted because they were (or were seen as) competitors in the fishery. In Greenland they are still hunted, mainly because they are believed to scare seals and smaller whales like narwhals away that are attractive to the hunters.  The hope for conservation of the species lies in knowledge and in communication. Norway has witnessed an enormous change in attitude since she started studying orcas in the 90’s.


April 26, 2023


11 AM – 12 noon PDT


7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

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