2023 group intern photo (by Todd Walsh)

Intern Presentations

0900-0915Varshani BrabaharanEvaluating domain adaptation for underwater image analysis. 
0915-0930Sabrina Fonseca PereiraRecognizing the unknown: Open world object detection in the deep-sea.
0930-0945Kira KaplanObserving siphonophores: Accelerating behavioral observations using machine learning.
0945-1000Tarun SharmaMaking use of unlabeled data.
1015-1030Nicholas GrijalvaUsing dynamic localization for the docking of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).
1030-1045Joel RodichScalable and sustainable 3D positioning systems.
1045-1100Yareliz Quintana-AlmodóvarEffect of temperature on growth and survival of Nanomia bijuga  (Cnidaria; Hydrozoa, Siphonophora).
1100-1115Caroline EdmondsSeasonality of the Deep-Sea.
1300-1315Samarth JayadevAnalyzing past filtration data and current filter performance for the Environmental Sample Processor (ESP).
1315-1330-Reyna AyalaCharacterizing a moderately priced IMU to determine viability for Coastal Profiling Float drift mitigation. 
1330-1345Lael WakamatsuExploring toxin production and plankton community structure using a simple mechanistic model. 
1345-1400Shovan ShakyaFisheye Stereo Camera-based distance measurement tool for desktop and virtual reality.  
1415-1430Sallie CorbinFacilitating GO-BGC data access for educators. 
1430-1445Jasmin Juarez-GonsalezEffects of current and future upwelling on red abalone larval development and survivorship.
1445-1500Lila LuthyMBARI SciComm: A deep dive into TikTok.
1500-1515Parker LundAn eDNA assessment of pelagic community composition in Northern California. 

August 9, 2023


0900-1515 Pacific Time


7700 Sandholdt Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

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