09:00 AMGeorge Matsumoto

Welcome and introductions

09:05 AMGiovanna Sainz

Machine learning facilitates the study of gelatinous zooplankton, Benthocodon pedunculata, abundance over six years in the Northeast Pacific abyssal plain. 

09:20 AMYohan Sequeira

DeepStereo: A low cost flexible midwater camera system. 

09:35 AMKatharine Tinsman

Designing a deep sea device to determine if feeding sounds attract scavenging organisms.

09:50 AMGrace Ahn

The effects of changing ocean and climate conditions on pyrosome carbon transport to the abyssal seafloor.

10:05 AMBreak

BREAK (1005-1015)

10:15 AMAlexandrea Macias

Daily krill dynamics on the canyon edge.

10:30 AMMackenzie Perillo

Temporal examination of the daily and seasonal occurence of the blue whale A-call in relation to the blue whale B-call in the central Pacific Ocean.

10:45 AMEmma Rosso

Using eDNA to observe how marine life responds to changing ocean conditions in Monterey Bay, California

11:00 AMEmma Monson

Outreach and resource development for GO-BGC’s Adopt-A-Float program.

11:15 AMKatherine Irving

Bridging the gap: using Science Communication to build empathy and understanding for an imperiled ocean. 


LUNCH (1130-1230)

12:30 PMAdam Gibbs

Developing a regional neural network framework to accurately predict ocean pH using glider observations in Central California. 

12:45 PMStephen Huie

Estimating primary productivity from diel measurements of oxygen and pH from autonomous gliders. 

01:00 PMEthan Ramsey

The search for viruses in ctenophore genomes.

01:15 PMHannah MacDonald

Live from the Deep: A Recap of Exploring Sur Ridge with a Virtual Audience

01:30 PMMeagan Reasoner

Simulink Model Validation: Numerical modeling of the MBARI Wave Energy Converter.


BREAK (1345-1415)

02:15 PMAmanda Gannon

Snapshots of Sur Ridge: Shedding new light on a deep sea oasis through time lapse photography.

02:30 PMLyndsey Claassen

Characterizing water bodies in Monterey Bay using Dorado AUV time-series data. 

02:45 PMNicholas Trautman

Exploring the relationship between zooplankton and climate in the California Current system.

03:00 PMLael Wakamatsu

Can zooplankton grazing induce toxic algal blooms in Monterey Bay?


August 11, 2021


9am  – 3:30pm PST