Application Process

We strive to maximize engagement between workshop participants and the scientists who participate, and ensure that educators are able to work together in a variety of ways throughout the workshop. Because of this, we only have a limited number of spots available in each EARTH workshop and applications are required. The application process is outlined below. Workshop costs, including housing and food, are covered for all participants, and each participant will receive a travel allowance.

Applications are now open for the 2024 workshop. All application materials as outlined below should be completed and submitted by February 12, 2024 at 0800 PST for consideration for the 2024 workshop.

Application Requirements

  1. Complete the online EARTH Workshop Application form (below) and submit any additional resources as appropriate. Be sure your answers to the questions clearly express your experience, background, and/or interest in the topic of using real-time data in your educational environment. Any supporting materials can be emailed to
  2. Before attending the EARTH Workshop, participants are required to try out one (or more) EARTH lesson in your classroom or institution, complete the online feedback rubric, and be prepared to discuss your experience teaching the lesson and present any adaptations, modifications, or extensions that were made for your audience. We are especially interested in feedback from our more recent lessons (such as the ones developed at the 2023 or 2022 workshops) so we can update, revise, and publish them. We understand that it’s not always possible to schedule the activity before the application deadline, so if you are unable to complete a lesson before submitting your application, please indicate which lesson you will be using and ensure that you complete it by the workshop.

Returning teachers who have previously participated in an EARTH Workshop can make their application stronger by demonstrating a commitment to mentoring colleagues (hosting an in-service or EARTH Satellite workshop in your area), enhancing the EARTH resources (testing out Lessons in Development and providing extensive feedback or new resources to enrich our website), or disseminating EARTH content (presenting about EARTH at a meeting or conference). Please contact us if you have any questions about the application process.

EARTH Workshop Application

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Lesson and Workshop Experience

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Application Questions

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Have you adopted a float for your classroom or educational setting?
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