David A. Clague


Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

7700 Sandholdt Road

Moss Landing, CA 95039

Phone: (831) 775-1781


Dave’s research interests are nearly all related to the formation and degradation of oceanic volcanoes, particularly Hawaiian volcanoes, mid-ocean ridges, and isolated seamounts. Topics of interest include: compositions of mantle sources for basaltic magmas and conditions of melting; development and evolution of magma chambers beneath spreading centers and Hawaiian volcanoes; volatile and rare-gas components in basaltic magmas and their degassing history; chronostratigraphic studies of eruption sequence and evolution of lava chemistry during volcano growth; subsidence of ocean volcanoes and its related crustal flexure, plate deformation, and magmatic activity; formation of cumulate xenoliths during different stages of Hawaiian volcanism; transport of volcaniclastic sediment on submarine slopes of volcanoes; geologic setting of hydrothermal activity; origin of isolated seamounts; monitoring of magmatic, tectonic, and hydrothermal activity at submarine and subaerial volcanoes; emplacement dynamics of subaerial and submarine lava flows; slope instability on volcanoes.

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In MBARI news

Mapping the next Hawaiian island

April 25, 2019 – MBARI researchers recently created a new map of Loihi, an undersea volcano that will be the next Hawaiian Island.
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