Jacoby Baker

Jacoby Baker


Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

7700 Sandholdt Road

Moss Landing, CA 95039

Phone: (831) 775-1856

email: jbaker@mbari.org

Jacoby is a research assistant in the Biological Oceanography Group. Here, he will be assisting in ongoing projects focused on identifying spacial and temporal shifts in marine ecosystems. Jacoby holds a M.S. in marine science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and a B.S. in biological sciences with a concentration in marine biology from San Jose State University. His master’s thesis focused on understanding the gene expression responses of larval rockfish to ocean acidification and hypoxia. His research interests include studying how marine and aquatic ecosystems are changing in response to climate change stressors and how organisms in these ecosystems are adapting to their environment in the face of climate change.

Jacoby Baker Curriculum Vitae