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Free Ocean CO2 Enrichment system (FOCE)

The FOCE experiment is designed to study the effects of increased carbon dioxide concentrations in seawater on marine animals. This experiment is of vital importance, since seawater is becoming more acidic as more and more human-generated carbon dioxide dissolves from the atmosphere into the world’s oceans.


2019 Intern Projects and Mentors

Potential intern projects and mentors for 2019. This list may be updated so do check it prior to completing your application. Please DO NOT contact the mentors directly.


Climate change

Climate-driven changes in upwelling, ocean mixing, oxygen minimum zones, and nutrient cycling are likely to affect the year-to-year variation in ocean ecosystem processes. These changes will potentially impact marine life and the fundamental underpinnings of fisheries from shallow to deep-sea habitats.


Marine chemist Peter Brewer awarded Ewing prize

July 25, 2016 – Last Thursday, the American Geophysical Union (AGU) awarded the prestigious Maurice Ewing Medal to MBARI marine chemist Peter Brewer. This medal is given annually to recognize “significant original contributions to the ocean sciences.”