April 22, 2020

MBARI research and technology featured in 2019 Annual Report

MBARI’s 2019 Annual Report highlights 30 years of research on the abyssal plain, among other research and technology developments.

MBARI released its 2019 Annual Report this week. The online report provides a multimedia view of the institute’s latest research and technology developments.

One highlight of this year’s annual report is a new overview video about MBARI, which captures the spirit of the institution and its commitment to carrying on David Packard’s vision. The report also highlights a 30-year research program to monitor life on the abyssal seafloor. This project is arguably the most detailed long-term study ever performed on a deep-sea animal community.

No MBARI annual report would be complete without articles on deep-sea robots. New underwater robots being developed at MBARI and elsewhere, coupled with amazing new instruments and auto-navigation software, are already giving oceanographers opportunities to study marine life for days and weeks at time without direct input from humans.

There’s something for everyone in this report, from fascinating research into glowing deep-sea animals to articles on ocean conservation, including microplastics and marine protected areas. There are also stories describing how MBARI is using machine learning to control robots and analyze video. And of course, there are lots of videos of fascinating deep-sea animals!

Check out MBARI’s 2019 Annual Report

Article by Kim Fulton-Bennett

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