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Using a GUI FTP Client (Core FTP LE) to Transfer Files To and From MBARI

This page provides information on how to access MBARI's FTP server to upload or retrieve files with a graphical (GUI) Windows FTP client, using the Core LE FTP client as the example. Instructions on using other types of clients may be found here.

MBARI staff members access the FTP server in a different manner, and should consult instructions for MBARI staff on the internal IS web site.

Obtaining the Core FTP LE Client Software

The Core FTP LE Client software can be downloaded from the Core FTP site at It is free for personal use. (Those in an EDU domain can get a free site license as well.)

Connecting to the MBARI FTP Server with the Core FTP LE Client

After launching Core FTP LE, a window labelled "Site Manager" will open automatically. The Site Manager is Core FTP's method of "bookmarking" frequently used FTP sites, and most GUI clients have a similar feature. Enter the MBARI FTP server name ( in the Host/IP/URL field, click the Anonymous checkbox, and then click the button. After connecting, the window (by default) will be divided into four separate panes. (This view can be changed but this is the default.) The top pane, directly below the window toolbar displays the text transcript of communications with the server. The bottom pane will show the status of any file transfers. The middle pane on the left shows your local files and folders and the middle pane on the right displays the files and folders on the FTP server. For example, after connecting to MBARI's server, the destination pane will look like this:

To navigate from one folder to another, simply double-click on the folder icon. The address bar shows you where you currently are in the folder hierarchy. For instance, after double-clicking the incoming folder, the address bar shows:

Uploading Files to the FTP Server

PLEASE NOTE: The /incoming directory is the ONLY place that files may be put using anonymous ftp.

  • In the server pane, navigate to the /incoming directory (i.e. double-click the incoming folder after you initially connect).

  • Drag files into the server pane. (You may select multiple files at a time.) You may drag them from your desktop or from the local file system pane on the left side of the Core FTP window.

  • Note you cannot create subfolders in the /incoming directory. This also means you cannot upload folders to the incoming directory. Compress folders into ZIP archives or similar format before uploading. If you need guidance compressing files, see the compression information under Message Size Limitations on our email page.

  • As the files are transferred, the progress is recorded in the bottom transfer pane:

Downloading Files from the FTP Server

  • In the server pane, navigate to the /pub directory (or other directory specified by your MBARI contact) using the GUI (i.e. double-click on the pub folder), and, if necessary, to the subfolder containing the files you wish to retrieve.

  • Drag files from the server pane. (You may select multiple files at a time.) You may drag them onto your desktop or onto your local file system pane. (Navigate to an appropriate place within your local file system to place the files.)

  • As the files are transferred, the progress is recorded in the bottom transfer pane:

Disconnecting from the FTP server

  • Click on the button that contains two red buttons above the server pane, or simply quit the Core FTP client.


Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009