Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Information Systems
Contact Information

MBARI's IS Group is available to help you with computer or network related issues that are not covered on these pages. Before you pick up the phone or send a page, please make sure that your question is not already answered in these pages. Thank you for your cooperation.

Name Title Email Phone #
Pat Allen IS Administrator pat 1724
Pete Braccio IS Administrator braccio 1924
Neil Conner IS & Database Administrator neil 1989
Joe Gomez IS Administrator jgomez 2075
Rosemary Martino-Rodriguez IS Administrator rosemary 1848
Sheldon Ozaeta IS Administrator sheldon 1804
Todd Ruston IS Supervisor truston 1997
Bill Shroyer IS Administrator bill 1816

Alpha-numeric pages can be sent to all IS staff by sending short email messages to where xxx is replaced with the person's email address.

Last updated: Aug. 01, 2014