Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Ocean Chemistry of Greenhouse Gases

Follow the links to see copies of our oral presentations given at national and international meetings.

  • 2004 ICES Annual Science Conference. Vigo, Spain.
    • Beyond Climate: The Emerging Science of a Low pH - High CO2 Ocean.  by:  Dr. Peter G. Brewer.  [0.83 Mb]
  • 2003 Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers. Tokushima, Japan.
     7 August 2003.  Keynote Lecture:
    • Recent Progress in Small-scale Field Experiments in Ocean CO2 Sequestration at MBARI.  by:  Edward T. Peltzer and Peter G. Brewer.  [11.16 Mb]
  • 2002 Fall AGU National Meeting in San Francisco, CA.
     10 December 2002:
    • Progress in Small-scale Studies of Direct Ocean Sequestration of CO2.  by:  Edward T. Peltzer, Peter G. Brewer, Peter M. Walz and Sheri N. White.  [7.79 Mb]
  • 2001 Fall AGU National Meeting in San Francisco, CA.
     12 December 2001:
    • Experiments on the Deep Ocean Disposal of Fossil Fuel CO2.  by:  Peter G. Brewer, Edward T. Peltzer, Gregor Rehder, Jon Erickson and Peter Walz.  [3.60 Mb]
  • The First Roger Revelle Commemorative Lecture, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC.  9 November 1999:
    • NAS Program Announcement.  [8 Kb]
    • Contemplating Action: Storing Carbon Dioxide in the Ocean.  by:  Dr. Peter G. Brewer.  [43 Kb]

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