Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Ocean Chemistry of Greenhouse Gases

Follow these links to see copies of our posters (in pdf format) describing some of our deep-sea ROV based experiments:

  • Presented at the 227th ACS National Meeting in Anaheim, CA.
     28 March - 1 April 2004:
    • Initial Results from a 4 Km CO2 Release Experiment.  by:  E. T. Peltzer, P. G. Brewer, N. Nakayama, P. Walz, I. Aya, R. Kojima, K. Yamane, Y. Nakajima, P. Haugan, J. Hove and T. Johannessen.
       [Preprint = 0.75 Mb]  [Poster = 39.6 Mb]
  • Presented at the 2003 Fall AGU National Meeting in San Francisco, CA.
     8-12 December 2003:
    • First Expeditionary Deployments of the Deep Ocean Raman In Situ Spectrometer.  by:  S. N. White, P. G. Brewer, E. T. Peltzer, W. Kirkwood, J. D. Pasteris and N. Nakayama.  [6.32 Mb]
  • Presented at the 2002 Fall AGU National Meeting in San Francisco, CA.
     6-10 December 2002:
    • Development of a Laser Raman Spectrometer for In Situ Measurements in the Deep Ocean.  by:  S. N. White, P. G. Brewer, E. T. Peltzer, G. E. Malby and J. D. Pasteris.  [5.11 Mb]
  • Presented at the 223rd ACS National Meeting in Orlando, FL.
     7-11 April 2002:
  • Presented at the 2001 Fall AGU National Meeting in San Francisco, CA.
     10-14 December 2001:
    • Dissolution Rates of Synthetic Methane Hydrate and Carbon Dioxide Hydrate in Undersaturated Seawater at 1000m depth.  by:  G. Rehder, S. H. Kirby, W. B. Durham, P. G. Brewer, L. Stern, E. T. Peltzer and J. Pinkston.  [11.52 Mb]

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