Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Ocean Chemistry of Greenhouse Gases
Papers on the Ocean Sequestration of CO2:

Some of our papers appearing in the peer-reviewed literature:

  • Tamburri, M., E. T. Peltzer, G. Friederich, I. Aya, K. Yamane, and P. G. Brewer (2000). A field study of the effects of CO2 disposal on mobile deep-sea animals. Marine Chemistry 72: 95-101.  (Abstract)  [Full text = 0.39 Mb]
  • Brewer, P.G., E. T. Peltzer, G. Friederich, I. Aya, and K. Yamane (2000). Experiments on the ocean sequestration of fossil fuel CO2: pH measurements and hydrate formation. Marine Chemistry 72: 83-93.  (Abstract)  [Full text = 3.06 Mb]
  • Peltzer, E. T., P. G. Brewer, G. Friederich, and G. Rehder (2000). Direct observation of the fate of oceanic carbon dioxide release at 800m. In: Preprints of Symposia, Division of Fuel Chemistry, ACS 45 (4): 794-798.
  • Brewer, P. G. and Orr, F. M. (2000). CO2: the Burning Issue. Chemistry & Industry 17:  567-571.
  • Brewer, P. G., G. Friederich, E. T. Peltzer and F. M. Orr, Jr. (1999). Direct experiments on the ocean disposal of fossil fuel CO2. Science 284: 943-945.  (Abstract)
  • Brewer, P.G., F. M. Orr, Jr., G. Friederich, K. A. Kvenvolden, and D.L. Orange (1998). Gas hydrate formation in the deep sea: In situ experiments with controlled release of methane, natural gas and carbon dioxide. Energy and Fuels 12: 183-188.

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