Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Ocean Chemistry of Greenhouse Gases
Papers on Methane Clathrate Hydrates

Some of our papers appearing in the peer-reviewed literature:

  • Xu, W., R. P. Lowell and E. T. Peltzer (2001). Effect of seafloor temperature and pressure variations on methane flux from a gas hydrate layer: Comparison between current and late Paleocene climate conditions. J. Geophys. Res. 106: 26,413-26,423.  (Abstract)  [Full text = 2.14 Mb]
  • Kleinberg, R. L. and P. G. Brewer (2001). Probing Gas Hydrate Deposits. American Scientist 89: 244-251.
  • Peltzer, E. T. and P. G. Brewer (2000). Practical physical chemistry and empirical predictions of methane hydrate stability. In: M.D. Max (ed.), Natural Gas Hydrate in Oceanic & Permafrost Environments. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands.  (Abstract)  [Full text = 0.19 Mb]
  • Brewer, P. G., F. M. Orr, Jr., G. Friederich, K. A. Kvenvolden, and D. L. Orange (1998). Gas hydrate formation in the deep sea: In situ experiments with controlled release of methane, natural gas and carbon dioxide. Energy and Fuels 12: 183-188.

Last updated: Feb. 04, 2009