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R/V Point Lobos -- retired December, 2011


The R/V Point Lobos began life in 1981 as the Lolita Chouest, an oil-field supply vessel working in the Gulf of Mexico. The ship was purchased by MBARI in 1987. Early in 1988 the vessel arrived in Monterey Bay from the Gulf of Mexico after a transit through the Panama Canal. The Point Lobos then underwent a major conversion from work boat to oceanographic research vessel. The changes included removal of the sleeping quarters, installation of the ROV and science control room, installation of deck cranes and handling equipment, installation of a science lab, installation of a machine shop below deck, and hydraulic system upgrades. 

Lolita Chouest

By the end of 2011, the R/V Point Lobos had executed almost 3700 missions, including ROV dives and time-series CTD casts.

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Last updated: Mar. 07, 2013