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Vessels and Vehicles - ROV Doc Ricketts

A unique remotely operated vehicle

Doc Ricketts is MBARI's next generation ROV developed at SMD. The system breaks new ground in providing an integrated unmanned submersible research platform, with many powerful features providing efficient, reliable and precise sampling and data collection in a wide range of missions.

Doc Ricketts
ROV Doc Ricketts

Features include:

  • Modular, mission-specific toolsled packages that can be changed out quickly and easily.
  • High definition video cameras with zoom and pan/tilt.
  • Fiber optic telemetry.
  • Powerful hydraulic thrusters to combine precise control and high thrust levels.
  • Variable buoyancy system to allow neutral buoyancy at all depths and during sampling operations.
  • Scientific sensors and data logging integrated into the core vehicle system.
  • Provision for placement, servicing and retrieval of bottom-mounted instrument packages.

ROV Doc Ricketts is operated from MBARI's SWATH research vessel, the R/V Western Flyer. Together these systems represent an important new asset to the ocean science community.


Last updated: Mar. 07, 2013